A Look at the Most Convincing Evidence of Global Warming

Global warming has been one of the hottest topics in the past few years as practically every news network and blogger has sounded off on it, not to mention that numerous scientists and researchers keep on bringing it up in relation to new findings and concerns.

However, after all the studies that have been done on it, people are still quite divided as to whether or not global warming is actually something caused by humans or if it’s simply a natural process part of a greater cycle which spans across thousands of years.

To start things off, it is important to determine just how natural this warming up process is; after all, it has been established that over the past 650,000 years, the Earth has undergone four cycles of temperatures rising and falling. However, the truly damning factor is the fact that during these 650,000 years, the atmospheric CO2 levels have never, ever gone up above 300 CO2 parts per million.

However, around 1950, that barrier has been breached for the first time as far as researchers can determine. Currently, the level of atmospheric CO2 is estimated at around 380 parts per million. While it is true that part of this increase can be attributed to the Earth entering the part of the climate cycle where the temperatures go up, only the industrial revolution, a man-caused event, can explain why the levels have increased so drastically.

Another important evidence of global warming which nobody can overlook is the ice capes melting. The ice in the arctic has been disappearing at an alarming rate, and it is predicted that somewhere around 2040, the arctic may very well have a summer devoid of any ice. Even the current conditions are far from being ideal as the local indigenous cultures and fauna are having a hard time surviving with an ever-diminishing icy surface.

The evidence of global warming doesn’t stop there; many people have noticed that in recent times there has been a surge of activity in regards to dangerous weather-related events, including hurricanes, tornadoes, strong tropical storms, wildfires, typhoons, etc… etc…

Many experts believe that the sudden shifts in atmospheric pressure are to blame as they cause great imbalances; after great heat waves, which can actually cause wildfires, all of the evaporated water needs to come down, and it often does in a very violent fashion.

In order to determine just how responsible humans are for these changes, more than two thousand scientists in over a hundred and thirty countries have come to the conclusion that deforestation, pollution and industrialization are the main cause for the tremendous increase of greenhouse gases that get trapped in the atmosphere. As most people are aware, these greenhouse gases prevent heat from escaping the Earth, consequently heating it up, causing the global warming observed today.

What can humans do to fix it? Long story short, to repair the damages and end the degradations, practically everything about this world needs to change in an aggressiveway. When looking at the big picture, we are all alive and well because we have built a society which revolves around technology and industrialization… unfortunately, following this way of living damages the Earth, and it seems that it can’t take much more of it.

Our reach is exceeding our grasp, and until the people in charge are willing to give up some of their comfort and money in order to look for alternatives to this problem, it will get worse.